Beginning Moose

Daniel Culver started by telling the group that he was mostly a beginner at Moose. This gave a unique viewpoint to the presentation. Instead of digging deeply into the features and capabilities of Moose, Daniel focused on what a new user of the module would need to know.

He started by showing how to build simple classes. He showed how to use subtypes and roles to make simple classes do more. He pointed out some pitfalls of the coercion system and recommended that beginners shy away from it.

After the main presentation, the question and answer session was quite lively. Several members of the audience were proficient in Moose, Object Oriented Programming, or both. We got multiple viewpoints and careful discussions of the trade-offs between Roles, inheritance, and aggregation. People with different levels of experience described their practices and the pitfalls they could see.

Overall, people seemed to have a great time.

The slides for the talk are available as usual. The files used in the presentation are available on github.

We had 10 people attending this month. As always, we'd like to thank HostGator for providing the meeting space and food for the group.